The power to save energy is now in your hands, with Surya Roshni’s innovative range of Smart Downlighters

Starting at just INR 1500, the high-tech 15W Smart Downlighters can be controlled by a remote, and work without WiFi or internet

Mumbai: India’s second largest consumer lighting company, Surya Roshni has launched a new range of 15W Smart Downlighters as part of its innovative Smart Light series. Designed to match every mood, the high-tech lights do not need Wi-Fi or internet to function, and can be operated with a remote.

The Surya Smart Downlighters are tunable, with the ability to change from warm to cool light, with different intensities. They are also dimmable, to allow you to change the lighting according to the mood that you want to set. Multiple Smart Downlighters can be controlled with a single remote, and a timer can be set to switch off the lights. While each LED smart downlight is priced at INR 1500, the remote costs just INR 500.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Nirupam Sahay, ED & CEO, Lighting & Consumer Durables, Surya Roshni said, “We want to continue the success that Surya Roshni has achieved in over the last four decades by being at the forefront of India’s lighting industry. By introducing these innovative, smart yet affordable downlighters, we are reinforcing this leadership position, and we will continue to drive LED and Smart Lighting leadership across both the Consumer and Professional segments in the country. Our Smart Downlighters are high on functionality, easy to use, and yet affordable.”

The company has also onboarded Ogilvy and Mather as its creative partner to strengthen its value proposition in building a new brand identity.

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